Agroforestry (Indonesia)

Cacao agroforestry in central Sulawasei (Indonesia)

In collaboration with the Department of Ecosystem Modelling; Georg-August-University of Göttingen

This work is part of the ELUC (Environmental land use changes in Sulawesi Indonesia) project; sub-project “Integrated modelling of land-use changes at rainforest margins in Indonesia”.

The project consists in building a mechanistic dynamic model including the dynamics of the Cacao, of a pest (Cacao Pod Borer, Conopomorpha cramerella) and of two characteristic but unspecified beneficial insects: a parasitoid and a pollinator. This model is used to test the effect of different pesticide and spraying strategies on the cacao yield but also on management flexibility as well as robustness to perturbations.

Related publications:

Sabatier R, Meyer K, Wiegand K, Clough Y (2013), Non-linear effects of pesticide application on biodiversity-driven ecosystem services and disservices in a cacao agroecosystem: a modeling study, Basic and Applied Ecology, 14(2013)2 pp 93-186

Sabatier R, Wiegand K, Meyer K, (2013), Production and robustness of a Coacao agroecosystem: effects of two constrasting types of management strategies, PLoS ONE


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