Temperate grasslands (Wisconsin,USA)

Grassland management to cope with environmental uncertainty in southcentral Wisconsin (USA)


In collaboration with the Jackson Lab, University of Madison Wisconsin, Departement of Agronomy

Putting grass back at the core of livestock feeding not only requires technical knowledge, but also reconsidering the importance of uncertainty in management choices. The aim of this work is to study how different grazing strategies make it possible to cope with environmental uncertainty. We developped a simple model of grassland dynamics so as to asses the trade-offs between several resilience related properties (robustness, flexibility) and grassland production.

Related publications:

Sabatier R, Oates LG, Brink, GE, Bleier J, Jackson RD (2015), Grazing in an uncertain environment: modeling the trade-off between production and robustness, Agronomy Journal 107(1), pp 257-264

Arbitrages entre performance productive, robustesse et adaptabilité du pâturage, Fait marquant INRA (2015)



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